Unexpected behaviours

In my setup I use ldap for user/group retrieval and I’ve noticed that modifying system propertie “ldap.groupSearchFilter” does not take any effect… until i restart OpenFire server. Maybe it’s the intended behaviour but I would expect it to have some effect, even if it’s some hours later. In my case I use this option to filter goups, and each time I add a new one I need to restart the whole server.

Another unexpected behaviour I’ve noticed: when I edit a system propertie by clicking the edit icon, its always set as encrypted in spite of which encrypton option is choosen. Option “Do not encrypt this property value” is set by default, but its always saved as encrypted and appears as hidden once I click “save property”. Then I edit it again for second time, setting again the value and the “not encrypt” option and then it’s set right.

Best regards,

Xavier ROmero.

Second one is a known bug, which will be fixed in 3.10.0.

I’ve also noticed that when you edit the groupSearchFilter property at LDAP Wizard (Server Settings --> Profile Settings), you can’t add more than 250 characters. So to add a longer filter (my case) I need to edit this propertie via System Properties instead.