Unexpected unavailable presence

I have a strange behaviour using Smack (both with version 4.2.2 and 4.3.0) and Openfire (version 4.2.3, I have tried on two different servers, one also locally installed in my PC).

The behaviour is the following:

I have three account that exchange messages and sometimes, one account receives an unavailable presence about itself.
Looking on the Openfire admin console the User is offline and the session is closed (it is not present in the sessions list).
I have set both the ReconnectionManager and a ConnectionListener but no one of this is fired, because the Smack connection results still connected (I checked calling connection.isConnected().
I’m using that account to send and receive chat messages, when this happens the client cannot receive messages, but it is able still to send them (and they are received by the receiver).

Do you have suggestions about what can lead to this behaviour?


This makes it sound like the client send previously an unavailable presence and you are just receiving its reflection.

Please have a look at How to ask for help, report an issue and possible solve the problem yourself · igniterealtime/Smack Wiki · GitHub

I’d also try a different server implementation, like ejabberd, prosody, or, if you want Java, tigase, and see if the behavior stays the same.

thank you for the answer,
I’ve solved this, downgrading the Openfire server to version 4.2.1, so it was a problem at server side, as you have suggested.