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I’m currently doing translation of SPARK into GEORGIAN (KA) language, I made translation but now I came up with problem in fonts.

Java is working with fonts that comes with your JRE or JDK distribution, and this fonts does not include UNICODE characters, at list for my language.

As an solution I replaced JAVA font by Sylfaen Font and did small modification to it so JAVA accepted it as its original fonts.

And everything worked fine, in interface I see Chanracters and I have full unicode support everywhere but what i did is not solution.

As when I move spark to other computer with non Patched JRE again no symbols are displayed.

Im not strong at java but as I gues where should be posibility to use your font for your application. If its posible then I can integrate font into install pachage and modify source so it uses my font.

Please someone who has such situation let me know how it is posible.