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Unicode support

Spark will have bad unicode support for cyrilic (russian) chars.

So all history message saves as “??? ??? ???”, and all download pathes in russian chars also unrecornized. How fix this?

Hi Vasiliy,

do you have the history problem with Spark 1.1.1 ? The history is imho saved as UTF-8 and shouldn’'t suffer from such problems if you use a browser and select UTF-8 as encoding to view it. Spark 1.1.0 had a bug which corrupted the history file.

Can you give an example for “download pathes”, I don’'t get what you mean.


In Spark 1.1.1 I am saving and retrieving the information using UTF-8 encoding. This should have fixed the issue, however, you will not be able to read previous history (pre-1.1.1).

Sorry about that,


While Spark is started all messages displays correctly.

But if You close Spark then all messages saved as below example.

C:\Documents and Settings\Vasbin\Spark\user\vasiliy@rep-serv\transcripts\abbos@rep-serv.xml

So about download path,

if path will be in english:

C:\Documents and Settings\Vasbin\Spark\user\vasiliy@rep-serv\downloads

then all OK, is good path, but if path will be:

C:\Documents and Settings???\Spark\user\vasiliy@rep-serv\downloads

Spark will not understand this path!

And path will be:

C:\Documents and Settings???\Spark\user\vasiliy@rep-serv\downloads

So this is realy bug!

I use Spark 1.0.4.

Sorry for my english.


So even this forum don’'t understand russian chars, and has bad unicode support, (??? ???)

Hi Vasiliy,

as Derek said Spark 1.1.1 will fix the bug with the chat log. Give me some minutes to check for unicode usernames.

This forum software is still beta software. Jivesoftware.com uses this community (.org) for their beta tests. The 4.x forum has no problems with UTF-8 and the final 5.0 forum should also be fine.



for pathes this is really bad. I tried it with user “b?n” where the ? is the “Euro Sign”.

Spark 1.1.1 did create a new folder “bÇn” where ? is a “C cedilla”.


Guys, my problems solved with new version of Spark 1.1.1, this realy good.

So if You have troubles then upgrade to new version.

Thank You for the help