Uninstall openfire on leopard issue

I have a problem, which is that I don’t know what password that was choosen during install. So now I can’t access the admin console.

How can i fix this?

I also want to know how I uninstall the software - maybe I can do that, then reinstall and set a new password?

Thank you for your help!


the password is stored in the JIVEUSER table, there you may want to look for the user ‘admin’.

You need to set ENCRYPTEDPASSWORD to “null” and set a new PLAINPASSWORD. After this you need to restart Openfire.

If you are using the embedded database you need to stop Openfire before you edit the file openfire.script with a text editor.


where do I find all these openfire-files? when i search for “openfire” in finder I get zero hits…