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Unloading plugins and screensharing

Hello all:

I’m recently discovered Spark and Openfire. I would very much like to implement it as an internal IM solution. I have a few questions…

The first is on loading and unloading of Spark plugins. I understand you can add the .jar file to the plugins directory and it will attempt to load the plugin. Great. However, when I remove the jar, it still loads the plugin…

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled…but somehow, the history of this once-loaded plugin is still there…somewhere. Where? I ran into this when toying with the Red5 plugin - eventually, I was able to remove it via the Spark->Plugins menu. Now I’m attempting to create a sample plugin - and two of my failed attempts still try to load everytime, although the .jar files are long gone from the plugins directory.

My next question is…where’s the Screensharing plugin? I see much about the Red5 method, but the quality of that is way too low. Also, quite a few VNC requests are scattered arond the forums. Has anyone come up with a simple solution for screensharing directly out of the Spark client? Seems like it would be a very nice feature - even if it just used some other application to do the actual sharing. Has anyone found a good solution to this need?

Thanks for any help!


Ok…so I found the /spark/plugins folder under my user profile!

Whew…that explains a lot.