Upd. from 3.5.2 to 3.6.0 -> Chat Transcripts


We want to upgrade from a 3.5.2 Openfire to 3.60.

Everything is already prepaird on the new Server with all the users, groups, plugins, aso.

Our problem is:

We want to take all of the chat transcripts between the users from the old to the new server.

I want to know if there is any user of Openfire who managed this problem without any huge problems who can give me a hint to to do this?

Is there a 3rd party plug-in we can use, or a database-dump? Any idea?

What plugin were you using for the chat transcripts? Monitoring plugin? Or are you referring to Message Audit Policy option? Audit Policy is saving logs in Openfire\logs dir, so you can just move that dir to a new server (or just move whole Openfire dir). With Monitoring plugin i suppose it is saving logs in a databse, so you should move your database too, If you are using the Embedded database, then you should move openfire\embedded-db dir to your new place. If you are just doing simple upgrade, then you shouldnt do anything. Well, you can make a backup before upgrading, of course.


Thanks for the reply. We use the monitoring plugin…