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Update from 2.5.4 to 2.5.5 tray icon reverts to old bubble one

Is anyone else having the issue where the tray icon reverts back to the old bubble one after an update to version 2.5.5 from 2.5.4?

On a brand new install it does not happen, but with an update it does. Any suggestions? Is this a known bug?

I really like the newer flame tray icon and our users have gotten used to it


I’m still using the 2.5.5beta version and also there the old icon is back and this looks indeed a little bit sad.


What operating system are we refering to here? I would assume Windows by the term tray icon but I do not like to make assumptions.

Yes, we are running windows XP Pro on all our clients. We are also running the most current version of Java RE.

Are you using the msi or exe installer?

Hi Guys,

Sadly, yes the old bubble icon is back. It’s really the ongoing saga of the tray icon and not finding the best solution to handle this need. Here are the issues at this time:

  1. I was having 64-bit computers just making Spark crash because I was the old JDIC.

  2. I made the switch to using JNIWrapper, and this is where the icon switch to the flame happened because JDIC does not support ICO.

  3. Lots of users were having the icon not show up at all because of some limitations.

  4. I decided to make Spark dependent upon JDK 1.6 with built-in JDIC support. The only issue though is that JDIC does not support ICO and the flame we tried to use looks TERRIBLE when displayed in the system tray. So I made the move back.



Using the .exe installer and our clients get the update notification via the Spark Manager plugin for Openfire. The directory is \resources\spark\builds

So why not use the same flame you use for the taskbar when the spark window is active. Secondly the msi install changes the spark icon to the speech bubble everywhere (desktop, start menu, Add/Remove control panel, etc). The exe installer still has the flame everywhere except the system tray.

What is the name of the file for the system tray icon?

Hi Derek,

@4: I did report the reason in http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/27146 some time ago:

"… And it looks both in the TNA and in the task bar like there are some pixels missing on the left. It seems that this is caused by the design of the icon with 5 pixels on the left which do not make a good rounded shape. It looks like a flame where one did chop of a bit.

I guess that you did resize the image http://www.igniterealtime.org/fans/logo-spark.png without adding a left border before doing so. This looks really bad. So if one could add a left border and resize it again I would be much more happy."


SPARK-822 for the ones who want to vote for a better-looking flame icon.


Whereever that little chat buggle icon logo is anywhere in any installation software, DELETE IT! Never again to be seen.

Thank You!! I applaud myself now as everyone else no longer needs to ask about it. They will fix it once and for all in upcoming versions.