Update from 2.6 to 3.0


Which is the best wat to improve my wilfire server from 2.6 to 3.0?

Is only install the new software?

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Well, i have recently changed my upgrade process. I have noted all steps to a document so i wount skip any step. But i dont have it here. But it should be simple. Of course that depends a bit on OS and package are you using. Linux/Windows/else, tar.gz, rpm, exe?

I use Linux + tar.gz package. So i download and untar newer version somewhere. Then i stop wildfire, make sure it really stops. Cause with my old hardware and with a lot of users it takes about a minute to terminate all connections though cmd says it stopped. Then i just backup whole installation folder to some other place. Then i was overwriting installation folder with content of untared package. But i have slitly changed the process. I delete everything except embedded-db(i’‘m using internal db) and conf folders and then copy newer files and folders. I’‘m deleting plugins folder too. Because i’‘m using only few of them and it’'s not hard to download and install them again (especially when there is new plugins install system directly in Admin Console). But you can leave plugins folder and just overwrite it, same with logs folder, can leave it. Then you can start the server. So, if something goes wrong you can always delete all content installation fodler and copy back what you have backed up. It will take few minutes and you will have latest working version.


My wildfire is running under a 2003 enterprise server.

So are you using exe installation or zip? With zip it’'s the same like with tar.gz. Well, if you are using it as service maybe you need to uninstall old one and install new. Exe should do update everything automaticly, just make backup of you /conf/wildfire.xml. I dont use exe for a long time but it was overwriting wildfire.xml in past.

I used the exe installer on WinXP and had no problem. I did have to reinstall the service from the command line.