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Update l XIFF 3 beta

Thanks to everyone for their continued interest in the new XIFF library. The release for the XIFF 3 Beta version in Actionscript 3 is still on its way.

In addition to the Actionscript 3 port, the new library was developed with AS 3.0 best practices in mind and will contain a few new features that will assist during project development.

New Features

  1. Support for binary socket connection.

  2. Support has been added to handle the separate deliveries of packets greater than 1500 bytes. This is generally a trait of large rosters.

  3. All events and value objects are strong typed. I know you will agree that this will make everyones life just a little bit easier.

  4. Support for Flex data binding.

  5. Mixins have been eliminated.

  6. Many, many bug fixes.

Outstanding Items

  1. Update to EX4.

  2. Documentation.

The library has been tested by me with both Wildfire 3 and a Jabber XCP servers. Check out a demo here:

Beta XIFF GUI (currently connecting to Jabber XCP)

Nick Velloff

Velloff Blog

looking great:) though, maybe tabbed approach is more convinient (like in xiffian)

The example in the demo was primarily used to debug the library. A working implementation looks more like this:


So this should work with Apple’s iChat server, being that it is based on Jabber, correct???

XIFF works with any Jabber compliant server.

Do you have any idea when we can expect to get our hands on a beta? I cant wait to integrate a jabber client into my website

By the way, I couldnt register or connect in the example. Still looks verry interesting.

Good work so far guys, i cant wait!

Yes. I would love to hear about this coming out! I currently have to decide how to implement the next wave of features for our site, and it’s either jabber or standard page updates ( maybe little ajax polling magic ).