Update my wildifre and backup?

Hi everybody !

Sorry my english …

I’‘m use wildfire 2.6.2 in Linux system, i’'m have created groups, users, config and others parameters

of my wildfire, as I can make an in case needs it modernizes my wildfire 2.6.3 … 2.6.x for the new versions that are for coming or make backup of the my files.

I thank if somebody helps me



Hey candiao,

If you are using an external database (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, etc.) then you should make a backup of your database. But if you are using the embedded database then you will have to backup the /embedded-db/* files once you have stopped the server. The other file that you may also want to back up is /conf/wildfire.xml.


– Gato

Thanks Gato !



I used to backup the whole /opt/wildfire folder daily