Update service for clients?

I am writing a Jabber client using Smack and using Wildfire as the server.

I want to run a auto-update feature where the client can poll a server to see if a new version has been released,

and then automatically download and install it. I’'m not very sure how to go about it, so any pointers are truly appreciated.

I’'ve been looking for an “update” service in Wildfire for clients.

This is the sequence of steps:

  1. Client sends a presence packet with version information to update.myserver.com

  2. If new version is available, server responds with a message packet, with “jabber:x:autoupdate” extension.

  3. Then client send a IQ Get to the update service.

  4. Server responds with a IQ result specifying the new version and location of site where the download is available.

Is there something available like this?

If not, how do I go about making this? Or, is there a better way?



Hi Karen,

there is (or was) a SparkManager plugin for Wildfire to do this. Now it’‘s moved into the enterprise version of Wildfire. Maybe some users are already using it and somewhere in the forum is the download link to it, but I can’'t find it.


download link: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=20444

Hey thanks LG!

Pubsub could be a good solution for this.

I quickly read what I could find.

Very powerful.

When will this be available in Smack and Wildfire?


Wildfire does already support pubsub.