Update smack version in Spark to current release

Anyone willing to take this on? I think it will help moving forward for uses wanting to build spark, as the smack lib it uses are not easily accessible.

I know very very little Java. I would be willing to try and learn it to assist someone in doing this, I do not know how much that would be though

As Smack is moving very fast forward and Spark is using years old version, it won’t be a trivial task to do. Dropping new lib would be simple, but then ironing out all the quirks… Also it may brake Fastpath support (probably).

One person is currently searching for a coder to take on Spark (and willing to sponsor). Hoping he will manage to hire someone. If you have some candidates for this, please propose.

yeah, unfortunately its not a drop in replacement, and some of the code will need to be updated. I started to play around with it, but its outside my skill set!