Update via Spark Manager is not running installer

I’'ve been running Running Wildfire 3.0.1 for a while and I have been pushing out updates incrementally via Spark Manager since about version on this server version. At this point my workstations are all running, and all updates have worked fine up until this point.

Now I am attemping to push out 2.0.1 from SM to upgrade the clients and am having a problem. I can manually check for an update via the Help menu (or let it check automatically) and I will get the notice that there is an update available to 2.0.1. When I click the Yes button, the dialog goes away and nothing else happens. I cannot check for an update again until I close and open Spark, at which point the problem is repeated. The update works fine if I just download the installer from the server and run it.

I’'m wondering if the mechanism that downloads and runs the installer is broken in Spark

Can anyone else confirm this problem?