Updated Printing?

I see that no one has worked on the printing issue for several years. I update a function and can now print without cutting off the margins. I have posted my update on the issues board. I would like to update my clients with a new version. How should I go about this? Wait for ignite to make a new installer? Can I deploy my new Spark.jar somehow?



Can you attach your changes here as a diff/patch file? I will then attach it to a ticket and assign someone to commit it to the source code. After the commit new installer should automatically generate here http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-INSTALL4J/latest

As for now you can just copy your custom spark.jar to your clients Spark\lib folder. Should work.

Thank you!
ChatPrinter.diff.zip (377 Bytes)

I have attached your patch to SPARK-864

I have started upgrading my users to Spark 2.7.xxx (latest nightly build). They are complaining that the printing bug is back. Did the patch ever make it into the 2.7 build? I cannot find the latest source build for spark to try and patch the 2.7 version.

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The ticket is not marked as resolved and there is no commit attached, so it wasn’t yet applied. Currently there is no active lead or other developer working with Spark, so i don’t know who can be assigned to review and apply the patch. The source is now on Git igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub

Have just pushed your patch. It will be in the 678 build and eventually in 2.7.1 release this June i think. Install4j

Thanks for the patch It even provides a Java Print dialog, interesting. Though, i had to apply your patch manually. Eclipse couldn’t recognize format of this patch. Usually it should contain file paths which would be changed and ++ and – for changes.