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Updating from 2.4.4 to 2.6.2

Hello everybody!

I’‘d like to update my WildFire server from 2.4.4 to 2.6.2. How I can do this update to avoid lost my data (config settings, users, groups,…)? I’'m using WildFire + SQL server.

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you could search the forum … but it’'s really sad that there is no update document.

Shutdown Wildfire and start it again to make sure that no errors are logged in the log files. (*1)

Shutdown Wildfire and then SQL-Server and make an offline-backup of both (for Wildfire it’'s c:\program files\wildfire*)

Make another backup of your c:\program files\wildfire\conf\wildfire.xml file (*2)

Install 2.6.2, do not[/b] uninstall 2.4.2

Restore wildfire\conf\wildfire.xml if it was overwritten (*2)

Start SQL-Server and then Wildfire

Wildfire should migrate the database and log no error messages, the clients should run fine.

If you see serious errors post them here and make use of your offline-backup.


1: just to make sure that you don’'t mix up “normal” problems with the upgrade process.

2: not sure if it is overwritten