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Updating jwchat jsjac


i’ve successfully installed openfire 3.4.2 & jwchat cvs with jsjac svn 1.2, i’ve also installed red5 plugin with its own jwchat5 and managed to configure it to work on the port 80 in order to avoid using the admin port 9090 and everything works fine…

I’m quite satisfied with the jwchat cvs/jsjac 1.2 setup, i did test wildfire & jwchat almost one year ago and although jwchat doesn’t seem to have evolved much, it looks more stable and some nasty problems are gone, like charset encoding, probably also because of JSJAC upgrades…

So i also tested the red5 plugin and i must say it’s quite good already, some little things are missing and some are not very user friendly but the basic things are working well and show a great potential.

Unfortunately i discovered that the jwchat/jsjac versions embeded in the red5 plugin are quite old so i wanted to know if there was a way to get a diff or patch file regrouping the modifications made to that jwchat5 so i can apply them to a more recent version of jwchat/jsjac…

Finally a little word of advice for anyone who wants to use jwchat cvs / jsjac svn with openfire (3.4.2 here):

As described here and there, for jwchat you’ll have to force “nonsasl” auth inside jwchat.html :

add the following line : oArg.authtype = ‘nonsasl’;

just before that one : con.connect(oArg);

For JSJAC SVN, read jwchat README.CVS !http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/images/emoticons/wink.gif!, make sure you don’t forget to do a “make” inside jsjac svn, it’ll build the single jsjac.js file, then “make” jwchat cvs.

Once you’ve copied the htdocs directory of your choice you’ll also have to set the following var to false in jsjac.js :


I’ve seen that BOSH support option in openfire 3.4.2 admin, but it would not work unless i set it to fasle in jsjac…

Well that’s all, i hope there’s some jwchat5 diff around so i can upgrade a recent jwchat version with the red5 modifications…

Here’s my patch and an updated version of jwchat/jsjac CVS.

The reason it’s so big is because it contains a version for each language available as they are produced when building jwchat from CVS.

You will also find my patch that will let you patch jwchat CVS source and build it yourself, as well as a step by step install documentation that should walk you through jwchat install and red5 plugin / apache / openfire configurations.


I hope it helps.

Please report problems or questions in this thread.

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so I am still using 3.3.3 wating for red5 and jwchat on the new version of openfire about port 80 some of us red5 webservers on the same system as are openfire

and that will make a port conflict and both cant run on same port so port 80 will make some problems as 80 is a defalt port for webservers like apache and others could please to try some other port


Not sure i understand you comment on port 80, here i use apache 2.2 + openfire 3.4.2 + red5 plugin (using jwchat5) + a separate jwchat cvs (not using red5). all on the same server.

All the web pages are using port 80 and there’s no conflicts at all, everything goes through apache2 RewriteRules and get dispatched to localhost ports (8080 or 9090)…

I’ve emailed the original creator of the red5 plugin to see if he can help me update jwchat5, anyways i think i can do it on my own although it would take longer…

i’ll update this thread when i’m done with red5 plugin jwchat update…


ok you have the jwchat in the apache docs and not in the openfire plugins red5.what would be differnt about the jwchat cvs as apposed to the JWChat5 with red5

I use it with the openfire 3.3.3 and red5 0.0.9 and works grate.I have hand no luck with the new openfire yet with the red5 but I keep trying .

Actually i have tested both.

JWChat5 is over one year old and is english only and has quite a lot of bugs, including character encoding. But the worst part is probably that it uses an even older version of JSJAC which manages the jabber protocol…

Anyways i’ll try to update JWChat5 with the current version and in the process i’ll try to get rid of the very annoying popups.

I’ll let you know here about my progress, not sure how long it’ll take as i don’t know how deep JWChat5 modifications are…

I just asking as mine work very well and dont have any problems.I have do some customizing like color style adding status images and some other fun stuff.I like the JWChat I can do my own editing and have all the software for it What do you mean by very annoying popups!I tride another install of of the openfire 3.4.2

and red5 with the red5v10 but JWChat wont when I try to login the messenger pops on the the screen but the messenger dos not fully load and login like thats the same thing with two new installs.So I will stay with the openfire 3.3.3 its very stable.I am also running AsteriskWin32 PBX when I set up the phone connection the red5 plugin JWChat contacts roster takes a dive as well on the new openfire.So I as well am wating the bug fixes for that

Here are some screen shots of my red5 JWChat5 you mite like to take a look at befor you do to much work that was updated this year Jive sends updates for plugins to your server if you leave your openfire on auto update it will most likely update the jwchat for you.

I’ve finally managed to update jwchat5 using the current jwchat svn version.

After first upating the existing jwchat5 embeded in the red5 plugin and finding out that it was breaking charset encoding, i made a slightly modified version of jwchat5 that does not require to be embeded in the red5 plugin but still has all the additional video interfaces.

That way jwchat jabber data is simply going through the native openfire http-binding without interference of the red5 plugin, if there were any, but red5 specific scripts and features are still present and working flawlessly.

I’ve also fixed one or two little javascript bug present in the red5 scripts but nothing spectacular.

The only downside i can think of is that if you want to use only the http port (80) on your setup you will have to configure two rewrite rules instead of only one previously, which are one for the native openfire http-bind port (8080) and one for the red5 plugin port (9090), besides that very small inconvenience you don’t have to do much to get this jwchat5 setup to work…

I’ll release a patch for jwchat SVN so anyone can use a recent jwchat version and update it in the future and also have all the languages jwchat offers.

Hopeffuly i’ll have the patch made and tested quite soon and will post it here, if it’s best that i provide it to someone in charge here before i post it please let me know, i’ll email it…


You got the red5Gateway to work? What extra functionality has it enabled on your site?

Did you get the chatroom search working.And if I did not want to move the jwchat from the openfire plugins dir. to the apache server can I still run the jwchat in red5plugin.Mine was updated to

Version CVS

(09/01/2007 15:59:44) But the chatroom search script dos not match jabber.org or the openfire and thus dos not get chatrooms list.I would like to fix this but not shire how

I haven’t made any changes to the red5 plugin itself so any bugs related to red5 will still be there for sure.

As for the broken search in jwchat i haven’t fixed it either, i’m not sure if it’s a jwchat or openfire problem or both, but i believe it’s been there for a long time, i remember that it wasn’t working last year when i first tested wildfire and jwchat…

I haven’t really thought about it but i guess that my (re)modified version of jwchat would work thru the red5 plugin, provided you put the correct red5 config in my new setup… But i’ll test it and see if it works or not as i have removed most of the javascript related to the original red5 conf…

In my opinion the only benefit of using jwchat through the red5 plugin would be not to have to use any web server, but in most cases a web server sits right next to openfire and i believe a webserver will do a better job at serving jwchat web documents that the red5 plugin thru openfire admin ports, which is also a security risk by the way…

I’ll try to finish that and test it over the weekend.


I think I will just remove it so it cant be activated.I have another chatrooms list an insert page that can be added to new tab in the messenger window and you switch tabs back and forth with smileys list of codes for chat and a webdirectory for quick access and chatrooms listings frome my server and others.As I am a public messenger!

yes I have dun some customizing to jwchat of my own for my public server!

How to config jwchat to work with openfire3.4.2 .

I config .htaccess with :

RewriteRule /http-bind/

but it not work.

It return error message to me :

HTTP ERROR: 400</h2><pre>BAD_REQUEST</pre><p>RequestURI=/http-bind/</p><p><i><small><a href=“http://jetty.mortbay.org/”>Powered by Jetty://</a></small></i></p> How to fix this? Thank you so much.

fist what os are you using.I dont think that there is a red5 plugin as of yet that jwchat will work on .I still use the openfire 3.3.3 as I cant get the red5 jwchat5 to work

on any version past openfire 3.3.3 my last try failed as well with the 3.4.2 . the writer of the red5 server plugin has no time to work on the red5 so it mite be some time before there is a working red5 jwchat5 for the newer server .I suggest if you want to use red5 with jwchat then you mite try the 3.3.3 witch as far as I no is the last version that the red5 with use of jwchat works on.and just keep checking back to see if there is a new plugin red5 that works!