Updating LDAP objects in Openfire

I have successfully setup Openfire on LDAP however I am unaware how to update the objects, for example, one user did not have a first or last name defined on the ldap server when Openfire started using it so I made these changes on the LDAP server. About an hour later I added a new user to the group on the LDAP server. This user appeared some time ago but it is still only showing the user name for the user that did not have a first and last name but now does.

Try clearing the openfire server cache via the web admin page. If that does not do it restart the openfire server.

I already tried both of those before I wrote and that did not make the change it. I also just checked again a day later and ran them both again and it has not updated already added users.

What are you using for LDAP? Are there any errors in the openfire logs? What database are you using?

Actually the situation was resolved today. There were two user names added reffering to this same user that varied very slightly. When this happened the proper user name was changed however the one that only appeared as the LDAP login name was the one that had cought my attention. Sorry for the issue. We can close this ticket.

P.S.: Active Directory for LDAP which communicates with Openfire on a Linux server which stores it’s database in MySQL.