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Updation of client roster based on presence parameters sent by desk top clinet


Problem statement: depending on the changed presence sent by a desktop client can we query a database ( on the openfire serve) to update the roster view on the client (groups as well as buddies)? Any pointers/approach on how this can be done via the server would be helpful

regards, Vikas

Hi Vikas,

you could write a plugin with a presence listener to catch the changes, they are not stored in the database. You should also use the Openfire API if you want to change the roster of a user and not sql commands as Openfire caches the database. Anyhow I’m not sure if changing the roster works fine, especially if you have a lot of users.


Thanks for your reply LG. We have been able to catch the presence and run query on the database, creat new groups and buddies, our issue is updating this new roster view on the client. I think , it can be a client side problem also as the client at that perticular time is not waiting for a changed roster view. any approach to solving this problem would be helpful

regards, vikas