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I am new to Wildfire and spark administration, my previous comp used exchange and msn as a instant messanging tool,

currenlty I am running the following : now the previous admin set this up on a whim in the company and it took off like wildfire (no pun intended) with management and the employees… at some point I need to move the installation to the root of the c drive on this server not a users account…

I realize that version 2.5 is old, can I proceed to the newer version ??? thoughts ideas are welcome

Server Settings

Server Properties

Server Uptime: 41 days, 12 hours, 45 minutes – started Mar 1, 2007 12:59:15 AM

Version: Wildfire 2.5.0

Wildfire Home: C:\Documents and Settings\craig\Desktop\wildfire

Server Name:


JVM Version and Vendor: 1.5.0_06 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ Client VM

Appserver: Jetty/5.1.x

OS / Hardware: Windows 2000 / x86

Locale / Timezone: en / Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT)

Java Memory

51.22 MB of 63.56 MB (80.6%) used


do you use LDAP/AD for authentication, vCards and groups? If you do it should be easy to install just a new server and configure it again instead of upgrading unless you need to keep chat / muc history stored in the database.