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Upgrade from Wildfire 2.6.2 to 3.2.2

I have inherited the admin responsibilities of our Wildfire jabber server, which is currently running version 2.6.2 in a windows environment with the embedded database.

Can I upgrade directly to the latest release (3.2.2) or is there an intermediate release that I would have to upgrade to first?

I have found this link:[http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/WildfireUpgradeGuide]

which makes the upgrade seem straightforward, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’'t missing something.



it is straightforward. If you are using LDAP you’'ll notice that vCards will no longer work as the configuration did change.

As you hopefully make a backup before you update the installation there’'s always the option to go back to the old version if something goes wrong.