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Upgrade hardware for an Openfire installation

We’re running Openfire server 3.3.1 on a dedicated, if old, server. We’re using Oracle for our backend (we have a site-wide Oracle license). Because we only have a 20-30 users, I’d like to move Openfire to a VMWare virtual machine. Can this be done? No known problems with Openfire and VMWare ESX 3.5? What’s involved in migrating Openfire to a new [physical|virtual] server?

What OS is openfire running on? Are you planning on running the same version?

Currently running on Windows Server 2003. I’d like to move it to Windows 2008, if it doesn’t present any additional difficulties

If you meant same version of Openfire, then yes, we could start with Openfire 3.3.1, then upgrade later.

I would say do your upgrades first if possible. Then make the move. It should run fine on server 2008.

Yes, but how? Just install on the new machine and point to the same database? or copy over config files? What I am asking is what needs to be done for the migration, not whether it can be done. I assume it CAN be done…I just don’t want to miss anything.


install Openfire on the new server and then do not start it. Copy the conf/openfire.xml file to the new server. Stop the old server and make a database backup. As your new server may have a new IP address you must also update your DNS server record for your xmpp.domain.

Then start the new server.