Upgrade Instructions


I’'m missing the documentions for upgrading.

The installation docs are fine, but for upgrading, I find nothing.

Can anyone help me?

My version is 2.5.1 and I want to upgrade to 3.0.0.

Which steps are necessary ?

Thank you for your help.

upgrading is very easy.

For Linux (can one of the windows guys provide guidance for that platform?) I copy my conf/, admin/, spark/ (under resources), plugins/, and wildfire executable. I then stop wildfire, untar the package over the original, then put my copies back in place. I use postgresql as my database so I dump my tables for a backup, then with everything copied back in place, start the server. since you are making this upgrade over two revisions, it will do several different changes to your db (if using external). it shouldn’‘t touch the data however. I don’‘t think it will be too painful, mostly just dotting your "i’'s".


If I had looked a bit longer I would have seen this thread. Gato gives good instructions.


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I also want to upgrade wildefire server from 2_6_2 to 3.0 and looking for a guide for upgrade.

Please help


it’'s so easy that no one did care to write a document.

Stop Wildfire.

Backup everything, make another backup of conf/wildfire.xml which you can restore very easy.

Do NOT uninstall it.

Install the new version over the existing one.

Restore conf/wildfire.xml.

Start Wildfire.

Wildfire will automatically try to upgrade the database schema if this is necessary.