Upgrade OF from 3.6.4 to 3.7.0

Dear All,

How to upgrade the OF 3.6.4 to 3.7.0. Can somebody give me the documentations. Here is some info on my existing OF installation :

  • User active per day : 200.000 users
  • User concurent : 15.000 - 20.000 users
  • Using 3 servers : 2 servers are OF server (with clustering plugin installed), and 1 server is a connection manager server (8 connections manager active on this server / 4 CM connected to each server)
  • 1 Database Server using MySQL

I have already tested OF 3.7.0 on my development server, but still worry to upgrade the production servers since there is still no documentations about it.

Need help from you all guy’s, because there is some bugs on the OF 3.6.4 and seems already solved on this OF 3.7.0.


You didn’t mention what operating system do you use.

Oh sorry, My Operating System is Linux Ubuntu Server 9.04

Have a look at


Clustering plugin is not updated for 3.7.0 version. Don’t know why and whether it will be updated. Also you may nee to add property xmpp.pep.enabled and set it to false as Openfire has memory leak in PEP service and with such a large user base it can lead to outofmemory errors.

@oiram : I have tried that, but why my existing user is deleted on the database. Please told me how to install a new 3.7 installation and restore the user database on it. Thanks

@wroot : OK noted, thanks