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Upgrade question

First of let me say what an outstanding product! Kudos to all that have contributed to this.

My question is about upgrades, I have not been able to find any docs on the upgrade process. I want to have a heads up on how to do it before a new release comes out. Is there any docs or does any one know the best way to do it?

Thanks for this great product

Kevin Christensen


Thanks for the kind words.

Upgrading needs to be documented much better. If you use the installer, it will basically take care of upgrading for you. However, it currently wipes out your XML config file and keytool directory. We’'re hoping to improve that for the next release, but going through setup again to enter database settings again is about the only thing you currently have to do for an upgrade.



Wow thanks for the quick reply.

I should have mentioned this in my first post, I am running it on linux. Am I safe to assume that all I would need to do is run the rmp file of the new version?


Kevin Christensen

You can run rpm -U to upgrade the package, but make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Stop the service

  2. Back up /opt/jive_messenger/conf and /opt/jive_messenger/resources

  3. Run the rpm command

  4. Replace your jive-messenger.xml file and keystore

  5. If you’‘re using the embedded database, you might need to restore that also, but if using MySQL you’'re fine

  6. chown -R jive:jive /opt/jive_messenger

7 Start the service while tailing stderror.log and stdoutt.log


Sounds correct except for:

  1. If you’'re using the embedded database, you might

need to restore that also,

The upgrade process will not overwrite the embedded db.


Cool I am coping a pasting this into a document so when the next release comes out I will be ready to upgrad.

Thank a ton guys

Kevin Christensen

oh thanks alot