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Upgrade question

Hi All

I have been using Openfire in our business for some time now. And it appears there have been more than a few version changes. I would like to know if anybody can assist me. I am trying to ascertain if Openfire 370 is compatible with the newest version of Openfire out there. In other words, is there a way that I can shift our existing database with all of users and preference etc (I am using the embedded database) to the new version which I think is 3.91?

If doable, can anybody provide me a link that has upgrade instructions for this procedure?

Many thanks all…good to be back.

This thread and my last reply can be useful, i think http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/237002#237002

In theory it should work just installing 3.9.1 on top.

Thank you wroot. I will read up on it and give it a try. I am looking for instructions to back up the current version we have which is 370. Should I post that question or will posting it here be ok?

And thanks again…

Many thanks for all your time wroot.

I am curious as to if you know if the version I am currently using, 370, is compatible with Windows 7? I may not need to upgrade the Openfire version at all…just the OS (running it on Win XP now and obviously getting rid of that soon).

. Just curious… and thanks,

As long as you install Java it will work, the OS is not really important. As you change the OS you may also want to use the current Java7 or at least the latest Java6 version.

Installing on top may or may not work. Some library names where changed and it seems that the update does not always delete the libs (bouncycastle) properly.

There could be some OS related issues if you use GSSAPI/SSO.

Backup is pretty straightforward. Just stop Openfire and backup whole Program files\Openfire folder. In your case database is inside this folder.

It is compatible with any OS which has Java as LG said. But if you want to run Openfire via its launcher (not as a service), then you should do it via Run as administrator. Because without this it won’t be able to make changes in the Program files folder and will throw errors on startup.

Upgrading to the newest Java version is easy. After you install Openfire, do not run it. And go and delete Openfire/jre folder. Then, if you already have Java 7 installed on the system, it should run using this Java.

Thank you LG. I think I may choose the route of keeping the current version and just bringing the OS up to Win 7 Pro and then update Java. I am strapped for time and this should help. Thanks much


Thanks wroot. I think I am going to stay with the current openfire version and just upgrade the OS to Win 7 pro and then re-install Openfire and then drop the backed up files in place as well as the current Java version. I am strapped for time and this should help.

Thanks again.


Document that got me working.

Tahnk You Jonathan. Very detailed doc! Much appreciated.