Upgrade to 3.10 GA port 5222 issue

Hello all,

I had just spun up a new Windows 2012 server with Openfire 3.9.0, and everything tested/ worked great. The next day, 3.10.0 GA is released! So I followed the upgrade steps (stop service, run installer, start service.) Here’s the main question/ issue:

After the upgrade, I can get into the web admin console just fine, but Spark doesn’t connect (using port 5222.) Looking at the web console, the Client to Server port 5222 Interface used to say “All interfaces”, but now says “0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0”. That’s obviously IPv6-ish, but my internal network still is running IPv4. I’ve poked around trying to find the issue, but no dice.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Which version of Spark and Java JRE with Spark are you using?

I’m using JRE 1.7.0_76 (bundled with the installer) and Spark 2.6.3.

And for Openfire? Are you using the same JRE as with 3.9.0?

Openfire 3.9.0 was using JRE 1.7.0_55 (again, what came with the installer.)

And to clarify, the above was for Openfire. On my local machine, I’m using 1.8.0_40.

try my ideas here https://igniterealtime.jiveon.com/thread/55166