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Upgrade to 3.6.3 Failure using Oracle Database

Quick Question:

I’m currently at 3.51 using Oracle as the backend DB. I wanted to make sure Oracle was still supported in 3.6.3 and whether I have to do anything special to the DB table to upgrade. My latest attempt failed with the below error:

Failed to execute SQL:

ALTER TABLE mucRoom ADD CONSTRAINT mucRoom_pk PRIMARY KEY (serviceID, name)

Hi Andrew,

the good news are that Openfire supports nearly every database which offers a JDBC driver. The bad news is that Jivesoftware does not test the update scripts for every database version. So there may be limits which apply to one database but not to the others. If there is no workaround one may want to create an issue and fix this.

I wonder which error was returned by “ALTER TABLE mucRoom ADD CONSTRAINT mucRoom_pk PRIMARY KEY (serviceID, name)”.