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Upgrade was a disaster for me

Well, my upgrade for openfire 3.7.0 to 3.8.2. or above did not work out. Wroot, I was not able to do an install directly over the previous install as I needed to take the openfire server from XP to Win 7. In doing so I onbiously lost the previous installation of 3.7.0. What I think I really need is the exe for 3.7.0 so that I can install Win 7 and then after installing 3.7.0 I can just drop in my openfire back up in (Embedded database-configs-plugins-lib) and I shluld be good to go.

wroot, I read your post about substituting the version numbers in the download string to get any version you want, but when I do that the download SAYS openfire 3.7.0 but the version is still 3.9.1. Can you point me to a URL that has the 3.7.0 version? I think other than that, I may have to build the database of the users from scratch.

Anyway, I would appreciate any suggestions you have and any help. Thank you,Mike

what do you have that necessitates an “upgrade” instead of a fresh install? (I’m just curious, sometimes heading down a particular path with not let us think about alternatives). Is a fresh install acceptable if, say, you could bring your users over?

There is a “User Import Export” plugin that might help with that… I know on my openfire installs setting up users is always the longest portion…

Here’s the link for 3.7.0 http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/download-landing.jsp?file=openfire/openf ire_3_7_0.exe

Users export may help, but if you have many groups, it is still a lot of manual labor to recreate them


Your point is well taken. I have some plug ins that I would probably have to re-download but the users move plugin sounds like a good idea. I was not even aware of that particular plugin. I will check this site out and look for it. Thanks for the help. Very much appreciated,



thanks much for the link. VERY much appreciated. Jason advised me of the Users Move plugin. I was not even aware of that plug in. I will try and find it.

I would like your opinion on something if possible: Since I am using 3.7.0 on XP, let’s say I grab the four recommended back up files (I think) Embedded db / config / lib / jar / . I then install 3.7.0 in win 7 and then just dump the backed up folders and files from the xp system…do you foresee an issue with that? I am just wondering since it is the same openfire version, if the dropped in back up files will just permit it to fire up with all my previous settings.

However, if this is not a good idea, sounds like the only thing i need to do is use the “users move” plug in and then take care of the network settings on the server, plug ins etc.

Many thanks for your time on this.

For backup you only need embedded-db, conf and if you use SSL, resources\security folder. As you are using old Openfire, you should also copy plugins folder. As you won’t be able to redownload plugins. That’s the problem with Users import export. You won’t find older plugin version, which will work with 3.7.0.

Installing 3.7.0 on Windows 7 and dropping backup on top should work. I have probably mentioned this, but if you plan to launch Openfire via launcher (maybe for the first time, before installing the service) on Windows 7, you MUST do it via Run as administrator command, or it will show a lot of red errors and won’t work.

Thank you wroot! Great advice and I will follow it. Going to try the upgrade this saturday when staff is off. i will let you know how this goes. Thanks again…

Ok. Just don’t start the new thread and post your results here i do not check every thread in the forums, and i get notifications about new messages in those i have replied to.

Ok. Will do and thanks


hopefully I am submitting this question in the location. sorry if not. still learning my way around the site.

But can you help me with the command you are refering to run Openfire as an Administrator? I have searched the threads and I find a lot of comments about it, but have not been able to come across the actuall command line yet. I will clearly be logged in under an administartor account but I cannot find the command line to enter into at the command Line prompt.

Thanks in advance if you can.


wroot. Hopefully I am doing this the right way…sorry if I screwed up. still learning the site. I left a you a question regarding the actual wording for the command line to start openfire from a command prompt. Thanks for all your help…again.

What i ment by my last comment is, that if you don’t have a completely new question, you shouldn’t start a new forum thread/topic. Just keep asking in the same thread. As i said, when i reply in the thread, then i get emails about every new comment in that thread, so it is easier to keep track. If you will start a new thread in the forums for every new question about the same thing, then i can miss that thread. Because every day maybe 10-20 new threads are created by users and your thread will go down in the list very quickly. You have created 3 threads about the Upgrade, which could be all kept in one thread you created first. That’s what i meant. But if you have a new question, for example “Users can’t connect”. Then you can start a new thread, as this is a new topic, not related to Upgrade questions.

Run as administrator can be done via command prompt. But i usually do this with a mouse. Just right click the Openfire Server launcher (All Programs > Openfire > Openfire Server) and select Run as administrator.

You can also right click Openfire Server link, go to Properties > Advanced and check Run as administator. So you won’t have to always right click it and select Run as administrator, because it will always run as administrator. But if you update Openfire, you will have to go to the Properties again as this link will be overwritten.

Command line would be

runas /user:administrator “c:\program files (x86)\openfire\bin\openfire.exe”

It will then prompt for administrator password

Actually it is enough to run it with the mouse. You still will use it only for testing, not for actually running your server like that all the time. For production use, you will want to install Openfire as a service, so it will run automatically without having to login to your computer and launch it manually. You will find intstructions about installing it as a service in the documentation http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install- guide.html

You should keep in mind, after you install it as a service and run the service, you SHOULD NOT run it again via the regular Openfire Server launcher. Because it will run the second instance of Openfire and it won’t work ok as both instances will try to use the same database. When you are running as a service, you can access admin console just by opening your browser and going to http://youserver:9090 address (if doing this on the same server Openfire is running, it should work with http://localhost:9090).

P.S. you MUST use Run as administrator if you are not using it as a service on Windows Vista and later. Even if you are logged in as Administrator. This is because UAC will not let any changes be made to Program files folders. And Openfire HAS to make changes to Program files folders, because its config, resources and embedded database are stored in \Programs files\Openfire\ folder. Without running it via Run as administrator programs are not allowed to make changes (protection against viruses which maybe be launched by user who is logged as administrator and don’t know what he is doing ).


Very helpful explanation and i appreciate it. I will follow those steps and let you know how this all goes. And thanks for the info on the threads…I think i finally get it… Thanks for your patience…