Upgraded to 3.7.1 - Warning: admin console not started due to configuration settings

I was previously running 3.7.0 - Worked great. Using Oracle DB backend. I shutdown my 3.7.0 environment and started up a 3.7.1 instanced with the same openfire.xml configuration (plus I put the ojdbc6.jar in lib/).

However, when I start up Openfire I get the following error in info.log:

2011.10.03 12:08:18 org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.AdminConsolePlugin - War

ning: admin console not started due to configuration settings.

  1. How do I enable debug when I can’t get into the admin interface (either openfire.xml or SQL query to update table?)

  2. What did I miss in the upgrade process to cause the above error?

Figured it out… Forgot to update my keystore/truststore when I upgraded, and Openfire was only configured to listen on 9091 w/ SSL, not 9090 clear.

After updating the keystores it started up happily.