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Upgradeing openfire, java wil upgraded too?

I have installed openfire server 4.1.4 and would like to do upgrade to newest version 4.1.6, at downloads it shows that java already bundled (RPM (32bit JRE bundled)). Question if it will upgrade java version too, if yes till latest available or which?

If you’re using an installer with a bundled version, the installer will only update to that version, nothing newer. I’d advise you to manage your own installation of Java, and use an Openfire installer that does not bundle Java.

4.1.6 has 1.8.0_144 version of Java.

thanks for information, but if I have already installed openfire with Java bundle, how I can proceed java upgrade?

Install system Java. Then remove (or first rename) the jre folder inside the Openfire installation folder. Of course, while Openfire is stopped.