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Upgrading 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 now has now home (is it too good for its home?)

Please see screengrab at


for the set-up screen I am looking at & stumped as to how to get past.

I added this:

to wildfire.xml

(who uses “opt” any longer, any way?)

and restarted then:

/etc/init.d/wildifred stop && /etc/init.d/wildifred start

and re-retried but no such luck, and, no surprise either, that was just a wild guess on my part. I have since remove those three lines from my config’’ file.

If any one knows how I borked this, or if this is a bug, or what I need to do to resolve this, I would be forever in your debt.

Peace. Love. Linux.

Thank you.

Jason Sjobeck



one will see no image at the url you posted as it is password protected.

What did you do to upgrade to v 262? Can you posts the steps you executed?


Sorry about permissions on that URL, fixed now.

I simply did a:

rpm -Uvh wildifre262.rpm

like I always do with new releases after wget’'ting them to the server, worked perfectly dozens of times before.

Thanks you very mcuh.



I’‘m not using rpm files and not the standard start script so it’'s hard to say what went wrong. wildfireHome should be afaik /opt or in /usr/local for rpm.

Check the “-DwildfireHome=$app_home” value with

export COLUMNS=5000

ps -ef|grep wildfireHome

You could also edit the wildfire script and add a line “set -x” here:

case “$1” in


echo “Starting wildfire”

  1. add here

set -x

nohup “$app_java_home/bin/java” -server -Dinstall …


If you start Wifi again you should see the value of “-DwildfireHome=$app_home”.

It should be set and match your Wifi home.

If this is the case it may be an issue of permissions, maybe you find some useful information in the nohup.out or error.log file of Wifi.


Sheeeeeeeesh, I feel sily.

Apologies for wasting some of your time, this was a permissions issue. Somehow the permissions which I did have set correctly to:

chown jive.jive /opt/wildfire/*"

got reset to “root”, so when I started the server, it couldnt write the directory, and it threw this error. I might humbly suggest that the next time I do something this obvious & silly, that it throws an error related to permissions.

Thanks again everyone.