Upgrading from 3.0.1 to 3.1.1 and pointers

Greetings community:

I would like to install the newest version of Wildfire. Here is my setup:

Server: (wildfire and sharepoint share the box)

Windows 2003 sp1

3.5 GB RAM

1.2 TB of disk


AD 2003

Auth, vCard come from AD.

Groups are local due to the issue with presence not working properly with LDAP. Has this been fixed? And fully tested?

My questions:

  1. would I be better off with an upgrade or a clean install

  2. is there an easy way to change the hostname and maintain the ability for the clients with the old name can still connect? If so detail how please.

  3. Can I setup a method where I use the root domain name for my users instead of the host names, like JID: bill@host.domain.com would like it to be bill@domain.com

Can this be done with no disruption to users? This might tie in with number 2, Im not sure I just need to be able to transparently be able to grandfather the old settings in.

Thanks! and I look forward to your responses.


@1: A fresh install means empty rosters, no conference rooms, … so an update may be the much better choice.

@2: With Spark you should have no problems as long as you can still resolve the old name. I have no idea about other clients, one may want to test this.

It may be more complicated with Wildfire as it stores not only the xmpp.domain which you can change very easy. The rosters and the conference room names do as far as I know also contain the servername, so you need to change it in your database.

@3: Is this related to 2? If you using currently jabber.exmaple.com as domain name and want to change it to example.com then you need to setup DNS SRV records.