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Upgrading Jive Messenger

Maybe this were discussed many times here, but i want to make it clear for me. So i’'ll ask it again if you dont mind:)

What are the differences when upgrading with release (through setup) and with daily build?

I know that it just overwrites files in most cases. But, maybe setup use some logic?

/conf/jive-messenger.xml - I have to backup it before upgrading with Build, but maybe Setup is not overwriting existing conf file? Or i have to backup and overwrite it back anyway?

database - There exactly is it? What i have to backup before upgrading? Because there are only a few small files in /embedded-db/ folder, some scripts or such. Or have i to backup /resources/database/ folder?

service - do i have to uninstall nad when install jive-messenger service after upgrade? Maybe Setup is doing it automaticly? And how about upgrading with Build?


There is no “official” upgrade process when going from an installation to a nightly build. We hope to fix that in the near future. However, I can provide some more details about each of the areas you outlined.

  1. jive_messenger.xml – the installers currently overwrite this file with a new blank file. We’‘d like to improve that logic in the future. However, it shouldn’'t be a critical issue to lose those settings. You just need to re-enter them during the setup process.

  2. The embedded-db directory is an important directory if you use the embedded database. If you use an external database, it doesn’'t matter. You should never overwrite or delete the embedded-db directory if you use the embedded database.

  3. service – the installers will automatically take care of this for you. I don’‘t think you’'d need to worry about it during a nightly build upgrade.



I have already figured out some issues by myself, but thanx anyway:) I have moved to linux, so i’‘m not worrying about services anymore. And i have found that database is stored in messenger.script, though i cant overwrite it anyway. Until there is no new full release with embedded-db dir:) But i’'ll try to implement some backup script before it, to be sure db will not be lost:)