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Upgrading Jive

Can anyone give some quick advice?

Upgrading from 2.2.0 to 2.3 and wanted to know:

What needs to be backed up?

Where is the user database location?

Do I just run the install .exe over 2.2.0? or do I need to uninstall 2.2.0 first? or is there an different upgrade .exe I need?

Many thanks in advance. Dex

1: What to back up: I backup every thing in my D:\services\jive directory

2: I use the Import/export plugin to export my user list, as a back up of the back up

3: where is the database: what database are you using currently? the embedded db? there should be a folder called “embedded-db”.

4: I rename my old d:\services\jive directory and install to the same directory as a fresh copy. copying the plugins from my backup copy, embedded-db and conf directory into it. So far, i’'ve only had one instance where something horribly was screwed up and that was fixed by just deleting the new d:\services\jive directory and renaming the original one back to the proper name.

Others might have better options, but so far this has worked for me.

Is there any JiveSoftware published document that describes upgrading? If the userbase is growing while features are still being added frequently, guidelines would be welcome.

Point of interest, if i remember correctly Matt has said in the past that if you are using the windows installer with the embedded db, the installer will automatically upgrade your database during the install.

So you might not want to do an install to a fresh directory like i have.

As far as I know, i’'ve not seen any mention of an official “upgrade guide”.


This can help.



We definitely need to publish more explicit upgrade info. However, if you run the Windows installer, it will pretty much “do the right thing” in terms of upgrading your existing install. You won’‘t lose your existing data, and it will prompt you on if it should overwrite your install settings (most people will want to choose no). I’'ll see if we can get an upgrade guide done for the final 2.3.0 release, though.