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Upgrading to 2.1.4

What is the easy way to upgrade from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4?

If you’'re using the Windows installer or RPM, just run the the new installer. However, if you have a custom certificate in keystore, you should back that up before doing the upgrade. You may also want to backup your config file.



I am doing the install on SUSE using the RPM and it is giving me file conflicts like this…

file /opt/jive_messenger/resources/i18n/messenger_i18n.properties from install of jive_messenger-2.1.4-1 conflicts with file from package jive_messenger-2.1.3-1

Any ideas?

I figured it out. I am a bit of a linux newb so didnt realize you had to specify U instead of i in the RPM command.