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Upgrading to 4.1.5 DNS configuration question

I have upgraded the Openfire server but I don’t understand why under server properties it states Server host name instead of stating Server name like it did previously. Does any one know an answer for that?

Thank you.

Openfire now attempts to do ‘the right thing’ with regards to its configuration of server hostname and xmpp domain name. Are you referencing the DNS configuration message that now appears on the homepage? It may be painful, but it is best to configure DNS properly to gain the most secure client login capabilities. Using IP addresses as the xmpp domain name will end in tears now.

Does Ignite Realtime have a step by step for that? I am not entire sure how to configure that? Thank you.

Openfire recommended me to create the DNS SRV records. How do I create it on Openfire server?
Thank you.