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I am running openfire 3.3.0. I am wanting to migrate to a new machine and in the process upgrade to 3.3.2. Both machines are runing windows xp. I used an Active directory server for authentication. I want to preserve my settings to the groups in jabber and also the current settings. What would be the best approach to making this migration. Thanks

I will be doing the same thing in a few weeks. Here is my list of actions:

  1. Make an image of the server as it is now (CYA).

  2. Upgrade the current server to latest version of Openfire

  3. Setup new server with same FQDN and basic admin config

  4. Transfer entire openfire directory to the new server.

  5. Test…Test…Test

Looks like a good plan , thanks for the information.

I migrated to the new server, did what you suggested and it worked fine. Thanks and good luck with your upgrade.