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We’ve been running a copy of Wildfire for awhile … finally got some people interested so we’re going to start rolloing it out company wide. Before I do that I figure it would make sense to get on the current release.

My question is do I need to whack the old version or can I just install … meaning will it “find itself” and upgrade. We don’t have a ton of people set up so I could start over but I figure if I can just upgrade it would be that much easier.

Since you do not have a lot of users it would be quicker to start fresh. I would also recommend moving to MySQL for the database if it is not already your DB of choice.

I looked over the upgrade process once I found it and I agree … the upgrade seems easy but I would need to do several so I guess I will just install and re-do the admin of adding back my users.

Re: the MySQL … I looked that over and it seems pretty easy as well … I assume this has to be done on a clean install before anything else … then the users , etc would be added to that DB vs the embedded one. And am I right in thinking that if we decide at some point to go to MySQL that it would be another re-install … or is there some sort of data conversion process that I could use?

Are there any guidelines to embedded vs external DB? Is it a matter of MySQL being more robust or able to scale to larger size? I’m not sure how busy this server is going to get … it’s been the sole tool of like 10 people for a year or so … I’m thinking we could get maybe 100 more but that I think would be about it. So would you still reccomend MySQL for a small system like that?

Currently there is no migration tool provided by the developers to go from the embedded database to MySQL. MySQL is more scalable, plus you can schedule sql backups of your database for fast recovery in case of failure. The setup process for MySQL is quite simple you need only setup MySQL first. The configuration process lets you choose and external database instead of the embedded database. I just moved my production server to MySQL. In total it took about 45 minutes. We have nearly 200 users via LDAP.