Urgent Help Required plz

Hi All ,

I got the code of spark from svn , build it and also make its jar as provided by the ant tasks , evry thing works fine but when i tried to make installer for window by clicking on


this error occured ,

“[install4j] install4j: compilation failed. Reason: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not find JRE bundle. Neither C:\Program Files\install4j\jres\linux-x86-1.6.0_02.tar.gz nor C:\Documents and Settings\Hamid.install4j4\jres\linux-x86-1.6.0_02.tar.gz nor E:\eclipse\workspace\DakhlaaMessenger\build\installer\linux-x86-1.6.0_02.tar.gz exist.”

i tried to find out this file over the internet but didnt able to get , plz some one help me out of this ,

i tried to find this file but not able to find plz any one who can help me.

this looks like a similar problem with a solution at the bottom

This is not actully the problem , i need jre file of linux and the help you mention dear is abt the jre file of windows.

this was the link in the thread I linked to http://www.alarmspro.com/downloads/jre/

and not only does it have a windows version, but it has a linux version