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Use LDAP for authentication ONLY

Hello everybody

I’'m trying to implement Jive as a messaging platform at our university. What I need is this: Users sign in with Active Directory credentials (ie, LDAP), but that is the only interaction with the LDAP server. Everything else has to run through a MySQL database, INCLUDING which users have access to Jive.

The reason for this is to be able to do custom account registration, while still using LDAP credentials.

In short: users must login with LDAP credentials, but should only be allowed to use the service if a specific MySQL entry exists for their account.

(I have no option of specifiying it as part of the LDAP query as I do not have any write access to the LDAP directory.)

Hi Marius,

That isn’‘t something that Messenger can do out-of-the-box but it wouldn’'t be too hard to write custom UserProvider and AuthProvider classes to provide that sort of functionality. A lot of the functionality you need could simply be copied from the existing LDAP and Default UserProvider and AuthProvider classes.

Maybe you could recruit some Computer Science students to help you out.

Hope that helps,


Thx Ryan

I think I’'ll be up to the task, but how do I go about it? Where can I find the source and some examples perhaps?


Hi Marius,

Where can I find the source and some examples perhaps?

A few examples of each are provided with the Messenger source. For the AuthProvider interface there is DefaultAuthProvider, LdapAuthProvider, NativeAuthProvider and POP3AuthProvider, and for the UserProvider interface there is the DefaultUserProvider and LdapUserProvider.

Hope that helps,