Use of chat statuses inside MUC rooms (Spark/Candy/Other)

Hi Ladies + Gents,

I’m currently looking into what it would take to pass around the typing notification style status changes when inside MUC rooms (XEP-0085?)

Can anyone tell me off the bat if:

  • Openfire supports these status messages (I’m guessing yes, but haven’t looked deeply enough for the moment because…)

  • Spark doesn’t seem to emit these messages when in MUC rooms - I’ve used a packet interceptor inside openfire and don’t see any message indicating status changes

And so on to the next question - anyone got any hints about where I’d start looking in Spark to add this functionality? It’s a possibility my client would like this functionality for the moment, so I can’t commit to getting it done - but a pointer to where to begin / how big the effort might be would be a great help.

Thanks for your time,


I can’t give you any direct pointer as i’m not a developer myself. But you can search the source for ‘chatstate’. Maybe it will give you the picture.

Spark does not send chat state notifications to MUC rooms (with the exception of FastPath, but that’s a different story). Those messages would be multicasted between all occupants, which might lead to simply to much information being passed around.

As FastPath does do chat state notifications in MUC, support is there. You can probably write a plugin for Spark to enable it for regular MUCs too.

Hi W + G,

… does not send chat state notification to MUC rooms (with the exception of FastPath…

Ah, I’m using FastPath - sorry should have mentioned that.

I see it displays some “has stopped typing” when I’m connected to the workgroup chat bot room. I don’t see the typing notifications when an agent and customer are chatting inside the temporary room for the chat.

Should I see those notifications when chatting in a FastPath rendezvous room? (I’m using Spark * 2 as the two clients, only one user is an Agent).

Thanks again for the help,