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Use openfire UserStatus plugin in smack

Hi everyone
i’m new in openfire and smack. i wanna use UserStatus plugin in smack. but i don’t know how.
please help me.

sorry for poor my english
thank you

what exactly are you trying to accomplish with that?

i wanna get ‘olline’, ‘presence’, ‘lastLoginDate’ and ‘lastLogoffDate’ value in android app

I’m not sure, if all of those values can be accessed from Smack, but did you take a look at Smacks Presence class?

can you help my about Presence?
i don’t understand Roster and Presence

The roster is your contact list. When you add a contact to your roster, you usually subscribe to the users presence by doing so. The presence is a bit of information which is sent by the client of your contact to the server. The server than serves the presence to all users who have subscribed to the presence of the contact.
The presence contains a status like “available”, the avatar of the user and so on.

You should read a little more about XMPP to get more familiar with it.