User Authentication using external script


I’‘ve deployed the wildfire server on our local intranet.We have a mail server where everyone has an email account and I’'d like to use their login and password on that server to authenticate the person on the wildfire server.

We have a perl/php script that does this already for another server that holds certain records. My doubt is whether I can use this script to allow users to login to the wildfire server without having to create a new database that holds their login information. Can this be done?

All servers are on linux(mostly Fedora Core)

P.S.: I have little experience with programming so excuse me if the question was a bit dumb!

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Hi Vogon,

take a look at the POP3 Auth Provider: g/jivesoftware/wildfire/auth/POP3AuthProvider.html

Maybe you can use it as it is.



Doesn’'t this send password in plaintext?

Anyway , I’'ll give it a try and let you know.

Thanks for the reply