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User availability

I installed version 2.1. I am using mysql as database backend and ldap for authentication. I have also created groups that will automatically show up in users roster. When I log in to the server the roster is automatically populated. Offline users are shown to be offline. When a user logs in it will then show them as being logged in and i can message back and forth.

The problem comes when user A logs off. User B will still show user A as online, nothing is updated to show that user A is now offline. If user B then tries to message user A the server will correctly state that the user cannot be reached. If you go into the admin console it shows only user B logged on.

At first I thought this was a problem with my client software, GAIM. So I tried several other clients and found the same issue.

Hi Greg,

do you see this issue only with shared groups? It seems that there are some bugs with the new features of shared groups which will be fixed next week, maybe you should try ‘‘real’’ contacts if they also act this way.



I am also experiencing the same sort of problem. Users are not having their presence updated in the roster. Again this is only in shared groups. We don’'t have any other contacts apart from those in the shared groups as that encompasses everyone on the system.

If you log out and back in again, reported presences are correct. Doesn’'t happen for all users, but no pattern to those who are affected. Again, I also thought it may be a client issue, but we are using several clients (Exodus and Psi, although I think we will settle on Psi), and the problem is evident in both.

I have noticed another thing with shared groups. When a group is initially defined and it is also populated with users at the definition stage, the group does not appear in the roster. Creating an empty group and then adding users appears without a problem. This isn’‘t a great problem to me, in fact it isn’‘t even a slight hassle, just thought I’‘d bring it to everyone’'s attention.

Cheers. This is a great system.


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Jason McClean

i had the same problem i reported it in this thread