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Here is my situation; I administer a wildfire server v. 3.1.1. I allow my users to connect with whatever client they please… Most people use a client called Pandion and with that client they are able to create user avatars. Is there a way to restrict this feature using the server or enforce certain images for certain users? I am getting a few complaints about some pictures people are using…

Again thank you so much


Hi noam,

Unfortunately, out-of-the-box Wildfire doesn’'t support any way to enfore or disable users from setting avatars (which is done through vCards). However, if you wanted to get your hands dirty and write a plugin all the parts are available to do so.

Hope that helps,


Thank you very much ryang

You’'re welcome. Be sure to mark you questions as answered and award any points.

Hi noam,

is using LDAP an option for you? The LDAP vCards are read-only.