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User can connect but does not get Contact List

Now that I have the server working and I can connect with Adium fine, but I don’t get a Contact List of available users.

I can see them in the Admin Console and I have a few online for testing, but nothing on the client.

Any tips?

You need to create a group of users and share the group. If you are using LDAP and are pulling the groups, create one with all users and share it.


I’ve done this, but now my user name gives me a SASL authentication error when I try to log in. I put my full username plus the server in the jabber username field and I can connect, but no contact list.

I’ve also tried stopping and restarting the server, still no list sent to the client.

I have another Openfire server running 6.4.0 that this works fine on so I’m not sure if there are any differences between the versions.

Here’s a screenshot of the setup. I created an Openfire group on the server and put all the users into it, and set a User Filter to only look for users in that group.