User changes in Openfire 3.5.1. not taking effect in Spark

Hello to all, first off let me say that the new Enterprise plugins are Amazing!! Thanks for all the hard work by the entire team. Now on to my question.

I am running Openfire 3.5.1 with a customized Spark 2.5.8 version, we have app. 250 users created but only a daily traffic volume of 30-40…so we are still using the embedded DB (however we are working on our MySql Database now) and the problem is that some of our users were created with their names in all CAPS, and some were not, we are trying to get this to a standard but when we change them on the server this change does not take effect on the Spark display. I have cycled the server several times since the change and even re-installed the IM client to see if that made a difference. Has anyone ever seen this? If so please let me know what I need to do to get this resolved. We are all about conformity where I work and some people do not like the mix of CAPS and Regular Names.



it could be a field in their vCard settings that are holding onto the CAPS. Just a total stab in the dark. For uniformity since you brought it up, do you have an LDAP server? This would provide you ultimate control of the account information.

No LDAP server yet, we are still using the embedded DB for all of our management. Do you think this would be the reason that sometimes when our users are messaging each other that is shows their login (we use an alphanumeric identifier) instead of their names. This seems to be entirely sporadic.

The extent to which their vCards are configure will definitely have an effect on how the user appears in the roster.