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User Conversation Temp Logging

Good Day,

I have what hopefully is a quick question. I have a few users who asked if there was a feature in Openfire that will allow temp holding of a conversation on the server. We are on Openfire 4.5.0 and use the latest available Spark Messenger. When a user accidentally closes a conversation without seeing what was fully typed, then brings a window back up it is blank. Can the conversation be temporarily held on Openfire and auto-deleted after a certain amount of time?


There is no “temp history on server” feature. Either you store all history on server or not. But Spark can’t access server history anyway. It only supports local history saved in a local file on the computer. If reopening a window shows blank chat window, it seems that you have local history disabled in Spark or just the quick history disabled. Go in Spark to File > Preferences and on the first menu (Chat) deselect “Disable chat history” and “Disable showing previous conversation in chat”. This will make last 20 messages (as far as i remember) to always appear in the chat window. Always, not temporarily, so not sure if this will work for you.

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I appreciate the info. I was hoping to avoid allowing chat history, but I may have to look at that again. Thanks!