User Creation Plugin

Hi people. I ’ m trying to simulate concurrent users for the OpenFire Server, to test the scalability and it performance. I enter into the admin console, and I add the .jar file in Plugins, but I don’t know how to use it, or the next stepts to simlutate the users.

It would be very helpfull if someone has the time to explain it to me.

Thanks a lot.



which jar do you mean?-

If its your jar then what inteface have you exposed for your unit test- http?

Can you please clarfiy these, I’ll try to help you.

BTW: I used the userservice plugin to load test the user creation, via http calls

I’m trying to find the User Creation Plugin plugin referenced by the thread “Load Testing BOSH in Openfire”. According to that article, the plugin will populate the server with users, rosters and vcards.

I’d like to load-test my Openfire installation using The Grinder, as also recommended by the same post, which will log into the accounts created by the plugin, and exchange messages, change status, etc.

Matias, do you still have the plugin?

Thanks for your help.